Boas Collection of American Indian Linguistics

I am in the UBC-Okanagan Library again working on the Microfilm machine checking out the Boas Collection of American Indian Linguistics, which contains many notes and journals of the Anthropologist James Teit. My last trip was a learning experience, in that I made myself familiar with the operation of this beast of a machine, which I used a few times many years again while in Elementary school. Also familiarizing myself with the scanning and zoom features.

I found many notes that recorded tattooing among the Interior Salish including the Nlaka’pamux, however when cross referenced against the published literature of Teit most of it was already in print.

I found some interesting linguistic information I was not aware of which is due to my disconnection from my ancestral territory and language. I am waiting to have it confirmed to represent a reliable form for today’s usage.

Ste’tim: Tattooing

Ste’tim min: Tattoo mark

Stay tuned for what I find today.

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