Historic Inuit Facial Tattoo Pictures

As I was researching online the other day I found these amazing photos taken in 1937 by the Photographer Donald B. Marsh. They Were taken at Eskimo Point, N.W.T., [Arviat (formerly Eskimo Point), Nunavut] and I found them at the Canadian Library and Archive.

Facial Tattooing in North America

More Facial Tattooing in North America

Facial Tattooing in North America

I found some other also at the Canadian Library and Archive, these are in 1905 in the North West Territories taken by J.E. Bernier.

Facial Tattooing of Inuit in NWT

(Hudson Bay Expedition aboard CGS “Arctic” 1904-05)

On the caption card: “This picture is to show the tattooing marks of the different tribes. L to R (standing): Maria represents the tattooing of the Nectchillic; 2nd – tattooing of the Kenepetu tribe; 3rd – tattooing of the Iwilic tribe. L to R (sitting): 1st – Pikey – tattooing of the Kiddlinmuit; 2nd – Hattie of the Iglulik tribe; 3rd – Nellie – of the Southhampton Island tribe. Taken March 8, 1905. Cape Fullerton, N.W.T.”

Check out the Library adn Archive Website for more Historical photos of Canada at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca

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