Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur, Prints showing Canadian Aboriginal Historical Tattoos

Canadian Tribal Tattoos

I have been looking for examples of historical tattoos of the Indigenous peoples of North America, some might refer to these peoples as Indians, Native Americans, Inuit, Eskimo, Aboriginal, or Indigenous. But the truth is all of these terms puts many nations under one name and denies the fact that many nations still live on the land that makes up North America, and they still have rights to the lands that were stolen from them. I am trying to uncover as many resources for the Indigenous peoples of this land to help in the reclaiming of their tattoos practices. Not as a resource for examples for tribal tattoos but for those who have historical connections to these cultural identifying marks which were and are going to be etched into the skin of Indigenous peoples.

One of the people who did early renderings of Canadian Aboriginal tattoos was Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur. These are his prints which show Indigenous tattoos of early Canada.

Homme Acadien (Acadian Man) Indian Tattoos

Iroquois Tattoos

Canadian Tribal Tattoos

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