Me-search, We-search and Re-search

Me-search, We-search and Re-search

I continue on this journey to finding traditional tattoos of my ancestors I have once again forced myself to take a step back and over the past few days concentrated on me search. Which is a fundamental research methodology found in Indigenous  studies, it asks researchers to look at themselves and see why they are engaged in the research they are.  As can be seen from past posts I am engaged in this research to try and connect two of my passions academia and tattoos. Secondly I am on a journey of re-connection with my heritage and traditional knowledge systems. As part of this process I have begun to read a book entitled “Our Tellings: Interior Salish Stories of the Nlha7kapmx People.” It has been amazing to finally get a chance to red the stories that make up my history, my past and my future. Having a basic knowledge of these stories will help me as I seek out pictographs.

I found this amazing picture I have to share it is of a man feeding a baby beaver with a bottle.

The second picture I have to share, I found quite funny, it is of a Indian Affairs agent trying to sell two Inuit women on pablum.

I will update the website and add more tattooing pictures tomorrow.

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