Midweek Switch up

As I have been going through the many online archive sources I have not come across a single Nlaka’pamux tattoo source, I at first was a little discouraged about this. I have however found many examples of many other nations tattoos. I have a hunch that the sources I am looking for are in local archives which  I am going to head out to at the end of this month. The fact that I have found sources for these other Indigenous peoples tattoos is encouragement that sources for my ancestors are out there.

As I have spent considerable time in the past week and a half looking through archives and thinking about this project, I have begun to consider the idea of decolonization. I was walking among the cedar trees along a little creek that joins Shuswap lake I was contemplating what is decolonization for me? What things do I have to explore within my self to find the colonized places within myself?

With these thoughts in mind I have switched up my research today from archival research to reading about the creation stories of my ancestors, this will be invaluable when it comes to my out trips looking at pictographs and basketry as inspiration for tattoo designs. These stories will also help me to see the world differently.

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