Planning, Planning, Planning

The past few days have been filled with beginning to set out the pictograph sites I am going to visit and setting out the preliminary itinerary as well as finding maps and logistical resources. One of the major pictograph sites I will be visiting is the Nlaka’pamux Stein Valley Heritage park as it has a high concentration of  amazing rock art, done by my ancestors. The second site will be a pictograph site located near Monk park on Nicola Lake. I am preparing a supply list and beginning to fill out the paperwork for these trips, as I need safety clearance from the University.

The other thing I have been working on is planning out my trip to the Langley Museum to look at the Pearson basket Collection to find inspiration for some contemporary Nlaka’pamux tattoo designs. I just finished short essay on Nlaka’pamux basketry for my Indigenous Art History class which I will post either later tonight or tomorrow.

After I have visited the Nicola Valley Museum and Archive in Merritt, BC I will be considering other archives to visit.

A few exciting events I will be attending that are not directly associated with my research is a Nlaka’pamux nation gathering and a language revitalization meeting.

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