Stein Valley Pictographs

In preparation for my journey up the stein Valley have been reading the book “They Write Their Dreams on the Rock Forever:Rock Writings in the Stein River Valley of British Columbia” By Annie York, Richard Daley and Christ Arnett. It is an amazing read and has helped me to put the Creation stories I have been reading into the context of the land of our territory. here is one excerpt from the book Annie York is speaking:

When the person dreams this, he’s allowed to see through the Creator’s eyes about how it was in the beginning. The Creator gives him the gift of seeing it.

At the bo9ttom is the horned lizard…They came here at the beginning, but there wasn’t enough for them to eat and they disappeared…The dream tells them all these things, and that’s what I say about that place [the stein dream paces]-it’s really history of people’s life on this earth (230).

The more I read and learn about our culture, the more I begin to step into a Nlaka’pamux worldview. I had no other choice until now, no other option but the one I have been taught and assimilated into via media and popular culture.

Stepping into a Nlaka’pamux worldview is the biggest blessing of my summer research.

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