The Basket of Coyote’s Wife Pictorgaph Pictures

I have not posted in way to long, so much has happened since my last post, I have a lot of catching up to do. After getting back into my regular school routine this project has taken a back seat. I just finished my last exam, “Philosophy of Science.” I did another interview with my new friend Lars Krutak, which I will post on in the next few days. I also did my final presentation for my Undergraduate Research Award I have video footage of which I will post. I will also be posting on Lars’s new book, “Spiritual Skin: Magical Tattoos and Scarification. Wisdom. Healing. Shamanic Power. Protection.”

But now to post on the redicovery of the pictograph The Basket of Coyote’s Wife, this rediscovery is a recorded rediscovery as I am sure many local people have known about it. I have not inquired.

My friend and colleague Angela Clyburn took a trip out toward Spences Bridge looking for a pictograph site which had not be recorded in well over 90 years, since James Teit had located it well over 90 years ago. It was a long day of hiking up and down the bank covered in scree between Hwy 1 and the railroad. Sweat drenched we searched diligently for another piece of my ancestors history. I didn’t not realize how much garbage is tossed out the windows of vehicles as they race past. There is such an accumulation of garbage it is astounding. I found many old pop bottles tin cans, hub caps, the list is much, much longer than that. Anyways after a few hours of searching it was located and we rejoiced as we sat in wonder and awe at the magnificent drawing left. It is a shame as one of the side of the site is covered in debris from the road construction. Here are the pictures from this amazing trip.

If you are interested in checking out more pictures of this site check out mm webstie which I hope to have updated by the new year.

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