The education I never received

After the first few days of searching I am beginning to figure out the online archive systems.

keywords are the key to searching, I have expanded the scope of my search from Nlaka’pamux photos to any Indigenous peoples in BC or Canada. It seems that the archives I am accessing aren’t specific enough to find my particular group so my visits to the local archives and Museums are going to be essential.

As I search through all the pictures I am simple amazed at the diversity of how our ancestors lived and how adaptable Ind igneous peoples are. Should I be amazed? No!

Why am I?

Because the lives of indigenous peoples have been erased from the history books.  Did I see pictures like these in my social studies class, or history classes? No primarily Western history and civilization was the focus. As I look at all these photographs I am getting an education.

We as Indigenous peoples are amazing, and we should be proud as Indigenous peoples to be the descendants of such resilient, phenomenal people.

I am honored to be the product of my ancestors.

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