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I have updated the website with a bunch of new pictures, the last few days of last week were spent trying to get the administrative process going so as to allow me to take my trip to the Museum and Archives in Merritt. I am begining to learn that the wheels of administration in academia grind slowly. More online photograph archival research today.

I have really been enjoying becoming More familiar with my creation stories, as I continue to read more about how we came to be in our territory.

It has also been very nice to share with the Nlaka’pamux nation people on facebook any pictures or documents I have found that pertain to our ancestors and our territory. I found a documents which is in the Nlaka’pamux language and it is God save the queen from 1876 here it is.

I have also been able to share some basic information about how to navigate online archives to find information, which is cool to see people beginning to use the resources that are out there that people didn’t know about.

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