Week One of the Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency Part 2

Week One of the Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency Part 2

After a very intense and emotional first day we got down to business with an equally intense second day. During the day we looked over and did training into the most important part of the tattooing process, for me it is even more essential to the effectiveness of the revival of Indigenous tattooing and it includes knowledge and training around blood borne pathogens, cross contamination and the health aspects of tattooing.

Blood Borne Pathogens Training

The students worked through blood borne pathogens training and gained certification and did an intensive workshop related to the distinctive concerns associated with being a cultural tattoo practitioner and the work of ensuring everyone involved in the tattooing process is protected from any potential harm associated with the application of a tattoo.

Blood Borne Pathogens Certification

With certification in blood borne pathogens the next few days where spent introducing the students to their tattooing kit and intensive training on the proper procedures for the set up and tear down of their tattooing stations with a special emphasis on cross contamination. Throughout this first week, we explored many topics including our responsibilities as cultural tattoo practitioners, how to research and find references and examples of their respective nations tattooing practices. Also development of the visual vocabulary and design elements of each participants nation with attention to the application of these designs to the body.

Earth Line Tattoo Training Set up training Photo: Kiano Zamani

The final two days of the first week included continued practice of setting up and tearing down of tattooing stations, role play of consultation with clients and the after care procedure. The observation of a hand poke tattoo on my wife Jayne Kaszas:

Observing Hand Poke Tattoo

Dion Kaszas Demonstrating a Hand Poke Rose

Also the observation of a skin stitch tattoo and the opportunity to do a few stitches each on my sister Kristine Wilson.

Dion Kaszas Demonstrating Skin Stitch Tattooing Photo Kiano Zamani

Jordan Bennett Skin Stitch Tattooing

Jeneen Frei Njootli Skin Stitching Photo Kiano Zamani

Amy Malbeuf Skin Stitching Photo Kiano Zamani

Dean Hunt Skin Stitch Tattooing Photo Kiano Zamani

The very last day of the week gave each of the artists the opportunity to apply a hand poke tattoo on themselves. Which was used to teach the process of set-up, tear down shaving cleaning and preparation of the skin for stencilling and the use of stencil paper.

Dean Hunt’s First Handpoke Tattoo

Jordan Bennett’s First Hand poke Tattoo on Himself

Amy Malbeauf’s First time Handpoke tattooing

Earth Line Tattoo Residency Late Night Tattooing

As I reflect on the first two weeks of this pilot project I am reminded of those who have supported me and brought me to this point and those who are sacrificing in one way of another as I take time to be part of the Earth Line Tattoo Training Institute.

The first person I need to thank for her gracious willingness to support and encourage me as I venture into one of my callings of teaching and sharing is my beautiful wife Jayne Kaszas. I am usually gone all day as I teach, observe and encourage these amazing artists how to work as cultural tattoo practitioners. Which means she doesn’t get to see me for very long each day, sometimes only for a few minutes in the morning as I groggily wake from sleep and if she is lucky right before bed. Her happy smile helps as I take this journey.

The second person I have to thank and show appreciation to is my boss and mentor Carla Gosgnach of Veritgo Tattoos and Body Piercing in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Carla is the person who taught me how to tattoo with a conventional electromagnetic coil tattoo machine and the person who instilled in me the importance of knowledge related to blood borne pathogens and cross contamination. She is also sacrificing for me to be a part of this project as I am not in the shop doing tattoos which takes money out of her pocket, despite this fact she supports me in my traditional tattooing practice and I am thankful for her support.

Carla Gosgnach Hard at Work

Check out her work here, if you are looking for cover-up of an old or undesirable tattoo she is one too see, considering she is one of the top cover-up artists in Canada. Here are a few examples.

Cover Up Tattoo Carla Gosgnach

Cover Up Tattoo Carla Gosgnach

This was truly a magical week, stay tuned for the next post which will including a description and detailing of the second week of the Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency including pictures from our trip to the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park.


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