Week Two of the Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency

Week Two of the Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency

The second week of the Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency was spent learning about the relationship between Indigenous tattoo revival and land. At the most basic level our identity in North America is steeped in legislation that is designed to erase our identity and with it our rights to the very land that the nation states of Canada and the United States are inhabiting. The second is that our knowledge systems, language and visual language all come from and are informed by the land, so as I have journeyed I have always found it essential to spend time out on my territory to ground me in my place. Finally our tattoos are connected too the visual vocabulary painted and etched into the rocks of our vast territories. This is the reason I felt it necessary to take the artists involved in the Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency out onto my territory.

Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park

We took a 3 day backpacking trip hiking over 30 kilometers into the SteinValley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park.

Hiking in the Valley

Resting at Devil’s Staircase Camp

While in the valley I shared about the struggle that was fought to protect this amazing valley and the sacred places it contains. The cedars, the painted rocks, the medicines, the berries, and the bears.

Listening to the water and learning

I also shared of how this land helps to centre me, helps me to focus and I have to be out on this land at least three to four times a year, I hike over 60 kilometers a year in this valley.

Looking at the Bear just past Earl’s Cabin Camp

Jordan Bennett zooming in

While sitting along the river just past Earl’s Cabin a little bear blessed us with his presence just across the river from us and simultaneously a eagle flew overhead, what an amazing magical place.

Sharing knowledge in the Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park

We all had an amazing time as we hiked, cooked, filtered water and enjoyed each others company. I would like to thank my sister Kristine Wilson for joining us and sharing her knowledge with this group.

Kristine Wilson and Jeneen Frei Njootli

After returning from our trip into the Stein River Valley I shared some examples of taking a motif or design from a visual and material object and transferring it to a tattoo design. After this presentation the artists began working on a design inspired by their nations visual vocabulary and did a challenging exercise on transferring the symmetrical design to a forearm.

Stone Hammer Basketry Design

Stone Hammer Tattoo

Reference for Kristine Wilson Skin Stitch

Earth Line with Tree Fringe

Skin Stitch and Hand Poke Nlaka’pamux Tattoo

The last day of this week was spent on design development, research, catching up on other commitments and two of the artists did their first hand poke tattoos on someone other than themselves.

Jordan Bennet and Kacie Auffret

Jordan Bennett first Hand Poke

Mi’kmaq Tattoo Revival with Jordan Bennett

Both artists did an amazing job as they went through the process from consultation to stencil to application and aftercare instructions.

Applying Stencil at Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency

Dean Hunt Hand Poke Tattoo

Dean Hunt and Bree

Heiltsuk Tattoo Revival with Dean Hunt

This was an amazing week I am so happy to see the progress and confidence that each of the artists are gaining as they mover step by step through this learning process. Tattooing is a challenging and demanding medium that requires the mastering of a complex set of skills, all essential to the healthy application of a traditional tattoo that honours our ancestors.

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