Win Artwork by Jordan Bennett, Dean Hunt, Jerry Evans, Meagan Musseau, and Dion Kaszas.

The Earthline Tattoo Collective is excited to announce our new fundraising initiative that will go to supporting the 2017 Earthline Tattoo Training Residency, it involves a chance for you to win artwork by Jordan Bennett, Dean Hunt, Jerry Evans, Meagan Musseau, and Dion Kaszas.

For your chance to win artwork from one of these artists you need to click on the following link to our gofundme campaign and donate at least $20. A $20 donation will get your name entered into a raffle for a chance to win artwork by the above artists and possibly others. If you donate more than $20, each increment of $20 will gain you another chance to win.

We will be running this raffle until July 8th, 2017, we are hoping to raise $10,000 to help offset some of the costs for this years Earthline Tattoo Training Residency, so with that in mind we are capping the opportunities/tickets each of you have at 500.

With each $20 donation to our gofundme you will be entered, and once we reach our $10,000 goal or the campaign expires on July 8th we will draw names from a hat. The first name drawn will get first pick from the artworks available, second name gets to chose from the artworks that remain, third, forth, and fifth likewise get their choice from the remaining artworks.

We have received a total of $870 worth of donations up to date and the $10,000 goal does not include what has already been received from these generous people. Each one of these people who have already donated will be entered because of their generosity even if they did not donate the minimum amount of $20 but will be entered at the same donation schedule of $20 increments after their first initial $20 donation. This means there will be 538 tickets in the raffle.

I know you are all waiting patiently to find out what you are going to have a chance to win from the 2017 Earthline Tattoo Training Residency Art Raffle.

Earthline Tattoo Collective co-founder Jordan Bennett has donated a carved yellow cedar pendant to this years art raffle. This pendant is valued at $700.00 Canadian

One of last years Earthline Tattoo Training Residency participants Dean Hunt has donated a ¾ hand engraved silver bracelet, featuring an eagle. The picture shown is not the bracelet that you will receive but an example of the style of bracelet and an example of Dean’s amazing work. This bracelet is valued at $900.00 Canadian.

One of Earthline Tattoo Collectives friends and colleagues Meagan Musseau has donated a set of her beautiful earrings valued at $80.00 Canadian. Meagan will send us a picture once she has finished making her generous donation.

Jerry Evans is one of this years participants of the Earthline Tattoo Training Residency and he has donate this 5 colour hand pulled lithograph titled, “Flight of the Sacred.” This work measures 11 x 15 inches, was produced in 2009 and valued at $500.00 Canadian.

Earthline Tattoo Collective co-founder Dion Kaszas has donated a set of 10 fine art giclee prints from his Indigenous Tattoo Revival Portrait series. It contains five limited edition prints from the blue (historical series) and five open edition prints from the red (contemporary series). These prints measure 13 x 19 inches and the set is valued at $500.00 Canadian.

Click the link below and donate for your chance to own one of these amazing works.

If you would like to donate one of your artworks to the 2017 Earthline Tattoo Training Residency Art Raffle please contact us at

If and when we receive donations of artwork they will be added to this list.

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